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Jump Manual Review

Jump Manual Review

Every major athlete wants to get better at what they do. One of the most important aspects of any athletic development is that of working with jumping. If you can strengthen your lower body well, and you can stretch the muscles to allow for a better vertical jump, you can accelerate your body’s potential in the games that you play. This includes all games, not just basketball, which many players want to work towards getting a higher jump. A vertical jump can allow for faster speeds in running, higher jumps in track and field, and of course, a powerful push in football and other sports. If you’re going to get a better lift, you’re going to need to look into options like the Jump Manual. This is a solution that could very well help you gain the upper hand. The following review focuses on this solution.


The focus of Jump Manual is simple, it’s a manual that gives you the secrets that the best professional athletes use to get better results in the gym. You will receive a video library, workout chart, nutritional guide, and coaching. You’ll get “one on one” training, as well as things that can help you gain the upper hand outside of the weight room. Simply put, you’ll find a great deal of momentum in regard to your routine, and more, if you follow the steps.

When you order this manual, you’ll receive everything you need to work through getting a vertical jump with ease, simple as that. It’s an “all access” guide that starts from day one, assuming you have no strength, to the final day where you can start to cultivate your jumping abilities further.


Before you jump into anything, you may want to look at what people are saying about this guide. Jump Manual has been out for some time, and you know what? It’s been reviewed quite well. The reason why it gets a lot of good reviews is because it works. The guide was even featured on ESPN, and many locker rooms use this to help their players boost their vertical leap, and their lower body overall. It’s meant to make gains, and sustain proper nutrition over time.


  • Easy To Use
  • Simple Options
  • Focused Nutrition
  • All In One Option


  • Online Only
  • You Have To Put In A Lot of Work

The Final Note

Overall, you’re going to need to look into Jump Manual if you want to get movement in your vertical leap. Now, you have to work at it. You cannot just sit back and let this work for you. You have to do the work that is described, and keep at it. You may see increases initially, and then a plateau, but keep at it. The biggest complaints that people have about this manual is that people don’t get 24 hour results. It doesn’t work that way. You have to be committed to making gains, or you will not see anything transform. Take your time, and work this option and you’ll see results in time.